Floor plans at Johnston Heights in Johnston, Iowa

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2 & 3 Bedroom Floor Plans

Choose the living space that perfectly matches your lifestyle in Johnston, IA, at Johnston Heights. Our contemporary apartment community has two and three bedroom open floor plans ready for your personal touch. You’ll have plenty of storage space to stay organized with ample square footage and walk-in closets. An available detached garage is as useful for storing the camping equipment as it is to keep the SUV out of the ice and snow. When the Midwestern mercury rises, you and your pets will keep cool under high ceilings with attractive ceiling fans and central air conditioning. Live in comfort and style in every season.

Apartments for Rent in Johnston, IA

Come home to features designed to enhance your daily life at Johnston Heights. Your inner chef is sure to be inspired by a suite of energy-efficient appliances including a full-size refrigerator, garbage disposal, and convenient dishwasher. Shrink laundry day to an hour with an in-home washer and dryer. Sleek modern finishes such as hardwood-style flooring deliver optimum sophistication with minimal care. Your apartment home is equipped to let you relax and enjoy the important things in life.

View the complete list of home features and community amenities to see all that Johnston Heights has to offer.

Well-lit kitchen at Johnston, Iowa at Johnston Heights